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Business Development Manager

^Lift Security helps businesses continually improve the security of their products and services through security assessments applied during different stages of an application’s lifecycle.

Our team is looking for a Business Development Manager who can help us expand our customer base and help lead our future sales team as we grow.

We are looking for somebody to help us create opportunities and find new clients using our existing sales blueprints but also help us create new processes as we explore new services and markets. We also deeply care about our existing clients, so keeping in touch with them will be important.

You'll get to work alongside some world class hackers and amazing humans. This means you will have deep technical support/SME's to help you when you need it and creative support when you get stuck on a problem.

You'll be a great fit if you love connecting with people and pushing yourself, but also value a long-term relationship, knowing that the organizations we work with are never just another sale.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage enterprise accounts globally.
  • Responsible for lead generation, building the relationship with prospective customers, account profiling and developing prospective customers into revenue-generating customers
  • Sell ^Lift Security products and services, including Application Security Assessments, Penetration Tests, Code Security Reviews, and the Node Security Platform.
  • Meet or exceed quarterly sales goals
  • Develop and manage pipeline, providing weekly updates to forecast
  • Assist in the development of existing accounts and the generation of new ones
  • Negotiate contracts, up-sell, build customer rapport
  • Provide appropriate sales tracking and reporting as required
  • Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists; interpret instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form

We would love to get to know you and see if we’d work well together. Please email us at jobs@liftsecurity.io with your experience, resume, and any references.

Application Security Consultant

Our team is looking for an application security consultant who enjoys the creative challenge of penetration testing. If you enjoy poking web apps with sharp sticks and you’re also interested in node.js security, this role might be a great fit for you.

In your work, you’d assess the security of web apps using both “blackbox” and “whitebox” (code review) techniques. You can expect that the applications you’d be testing may be written in a wide variety of languages with many different technologies.

As you may know, our team runs the node security project. You’ll also identify and document vulnerabilities in node modules, plus research and discover new ways of compromising node apps.

You should have basic knowledge of networking and systems administration as well as the ability to code in at least one language and have interest in learning JavaScript / node. JavaScript experience is not a requirement, but a huge plus.

While knowledge and experience is great, the best skill a penetration tester can have is the ability to quickly learn a technology they don’t know and apply that knowledge to identify and validate weaknesses.

Our team is focused on approaching security with empathy. We believe developers have a hard job, and we want to remove shame from security.

You’ll be a great fit if you get excited about breaking something, but you can also empathize with the developers involved and communicate risk, impact and remediation. Rather than showing off the l33tness of the hack, our goal should be to deliver actionable information, education, and guidance about vulnerabilities so that developers can fix and learn from the experience.

You will be in customer-facing situations and executing security consulting engagements. You’ll need a basic understanding of what it means to do a security assessment, and you’ll need to be able to manage your time and communicate well.

We would love to work with you. Please email us at jobs@liftsecurity.io with your experience (resume, references, GitHub, etc).

^lift is the security team at &yet. We help software teams build more secure software. We are a small team so if you join us expect to take on many different roles.

If it wasn’t apparent yet, we especially love node.js and we hope you do too. We started the Node Security Project years ago to help make security a core value of the Node community and would love you to help us continue this mission.

Our main office is located in Richland, WA. We offer competitive salary and excellent health, dental, vision, and 401k benefits.

Fun fact: Even though we pronounce the ampersand in &yet we don’t pronounce the caret in ^lift. So it’s not caret lift, carrot lift, hat lift, to the power of lift, or uplift. Just in case you were wondering. But we’re ok if you want to use one of those. Especially hat lift.