Your app is already being penetration tested

Evaluate your resiliency and ability to respond to a direct attack

Are you prepared?

At the end of the day, your organization is already getting a free penetration test by being connected to the Internet. What it isn't getting is the report and guidance necessary to address the issues found.

Find the path - before attackers do

In this kind of test, our consultants are focused on finding the path to compromise your organization, service, or application. We'll also validate the security controls and processes you assume are protecting you.

What a penetration test is for

  • Test an operational monitoring or incident response team’s effectiveness in identifying an active threat.
  • Validate the degree to which policy is implemented across people, process, and technology.
  • Ensure compliance with regulation.
  • Evaluate your cyber defense capabilities. (Can you see the attacks happening? Can you respond? Can you determine what happened?)

With a "pen test", we're looking to identify weaknesses across your infrastructure that leave vulnerable the things that matter most to your business.

How penetration tests work

Find what's critical

We treat each test as a customized service. Organizations use pen tests for a wide range of reasons, so we aim to understand what's critical to you to protect and what you're looking to test.

Design the approach

As we work to understand the scope of the penetration test, we may design an approach as simple as an external network penetration or something as complex as testing human control and process (technical support, executive staff, etc), or even including physical entry to a location with network access or sensitive information.

Customized testing

You can’t install a tool and get a penetration test. Penetration tests rely on the experience of the team conducting the test to adjust their techniques and execution to meet the goals of the client and mimic a real adversary.

Collaborative Debrief

When we're done, we sit down for a collaborative debrief session between our team, your developers and stakeholders. We review the report and discuss the findings, answering any questions you may have.

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