Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Founder & Team Lead

You can find Adam on Twitter and Github.

Adam has played many pivotal roles throughout &yet's history: security consultant, advisor, chief of software operations, emergency developer, please-fix-this-now-everything-is-on-fire sysops, and start-project scripter.

But the roles he's played that resonate with who he is as a person are more substantive: inspiration, teacher, mentor, encourager, leader, friend.

Adam has a storied history of two full decades working in information security. But very often in the past decade, he has uniquely been a man in the middle—and not just when he pops a box to demonstrate a security vulnerability.

He's a man in the middle of the tech world and the business world. His experience working in and alongside large corporations and as an entrepreneur running a small business means he is uniquely capable of helping organizations understand the business risk of security from a pragmatic perspective.

And he's a man in the middle of the security world and the developer world—straddling two very different and often opposing cultures, trying to bridge each world and create mutual empathy and understanding.

Since its earliest days, Adam has been the leading voice for making security a core value of the Node community. His efforts in creating the Node Security Project and then gifting the project to the Node Foundation demonstrate his generous and community-driven heart.

The advice he gives to clients and colleagues always comes from a deep place of genuinely wanting to help.

In a conversation, Adam is thoughtful and passionate. He listens well and is always seeking a deeper understanding from which to give more valuable input. He is unafraid to speak and hear uncomfortable truths. He is a servant of all teams of which he is a part.

Just don't click on any links from him.