Jon Lamendola

Jon Lamendola

Application Security Specialist, Zymologist

You can find Jon on Twitter and Github.

Jon Lamendola (or Ljon as he is called, as per section 35A of the &yet HR manual, “Conventions and practices for the nicknamification of /[Jj]oh?n/”), became a student of the computational arts when his father bestowed upon him an old Debian 3 server. Which he promptly disassembled for the purpose of–we assume–pure mad science.

Years later, his mom hired him to build a web site, which piqued his interest in HTML, which it turns out is a gateway drug to heady languages such as C, Python, and Perl.

Jon (having not earned his L) continued along this trajectory until he discovered Backtrack in middle school. Upon which he immediately went out and hacked all the things.

Just…all of them.

Which is why, when he crossed our path a few months back, we knew right away he would fit right in. Now Ljon spends all of his time pretending to be a bad guy, using the Hackforce to find vulnerabilities in web applications written in Node.js, PHP, and Python. He’s also skilled with exploiting native IA-32 and x86-64 applications.

When he’s not bustin’ down barriers like they was weak like wet paper, Ljon makes port. Delicious port! You can really taste the cherries. Plus, he is the current record holder for classiest facial hair in the office. So there’s that.