Nick Starke

Nick Starke

Application Security Specialist

You can find Nick on Twitter and Github.

Fun fact about Nick: He has a background in classical languages—Ancient Greek, Latin, and Ancient Hebrew. He claims he hasn’t had a chance to use them in his professional career. Challenge accepted.

Nick is the best kind of security specialist. With an extensive background in application development across a bunch of platforms (and we mean a bunch), he knows the only way to secure something is to break it. And when he said, “In the end, information security isn’t about computers, but about people” we knew he’s a perfect fit for the ^lift team.

He’s so passionate about security, he conducts security research on embedded devices with his spare time. Bottom line is, we feel safer having Nick around. We know our friends and customers will, too.

Originally from Kansas City, Nick now lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and pup. When he’s not exposing software vulnerabilities, he can be found playing classic video games, riding bikes, and listening to techno and metal music like a boss.