Nathan LaFreniere

Nathan LaFreniere

Application Security Specialist, Dev/Ops

You can find Nathan on Twitter and Github.

Nathan is an experienced multitalented dev/ops badass well-versed in automated deployment tools. He solves operations problems with a combination of experience, innovation, and willingness to learn new tools and approaches.

Nathan is a great developer. Put simply: he just makes things better that he’s part of. He’s created and contributed to a number of open source projects, many of which have become fundamental to our development process at &yet.

He has a significant depth of experience building custom production systems for Node.js, including some tools we’ve come to rely on heavily for And Bang. He’s well-versed in supporting complex realtime and Django/Python web apps as well.

Nathan’s passion for well-architected, smoothly running, and meticulously monitored servers has helped our developers sleep at night, very literally.

For our developers, the luxury of having Nathan’s skills at their disposal sounds to like diving into a pool of soft kittens who don’t mind you diving on them and aren’t hurt at all by it either oh and they’re declawed and maybe wear dentures but took them out.

He really has an ops beard, doesn’t he?