Node.js Secure Development is a full day, hands-on training that will help you and your team integrate security into your dev workflow.

The first Node.js Secure Development Training at Cleaners in Portland, OR

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the specific classes of common Node security vulnerabilities.
  • Learn how to find and exploit those vulnerabilities so you can understand how a malicious attacker thinks about your application.
  • Learn how to fix these vulnerabilities, and learn how to incorporate defensive coding practices from the very start as you build your app.
  • Investigate a vulnerable web app, and learn how to tell if an application is vulnerable.
  • Review the source code of an application and determine how to fix its vulnerabilities.

We will explore both the theory and practice behind web application security, using hands-on code examples.

As a person who creates things for other people, you want them to feel safe and have confidence in using your product.

Meet your training team

Our team at ^lift has helped dozens of companies and scores of Node developers level up their ability to write secure applications. We work with clients like GitHub, npm, Inc., and CodeClimate.

Read the bioAdam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin

As a longtime leader in the Node community and founder of the Node Security Project, it’s rare that “Node” and “security” get discussed without involving or mentioning Adam Baldwin.

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