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We'll comb through your app to identify and prioritize spots for improvement. From there, we'll chart a course together.


Each developer you add to your team is potentially an unpatched set of vulnerabilities. We love to help devs avoid pitfalls through our security education and training program.


We research intrusion methods and identify new vulnerabilities in widely-used technologies. We want to make the web better for good guys everywhere. Read up on recent security advisories or flip through our blog to get to know our work and our team better.


We help you improve your team's security culture and incrementally improve your processes so you can stop security mistakes before they reach production. When breaches do happen, we help you identify them and respond swiftly and decisively.

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GitHub has worked with Adam for a few years. Each engagement has produced results that show a deep understanding of both system and application security, going far beyond the web application tier. Boilerplate reports are put aside to provide us with clear vulnerability reports, with clean proof-of-concepts and steps to reproduce. Performing both blackbox and whitebox assessments, Adam & ^Lift Security has continued to provide consistent, high quality, results.

Shawn Davenport, Github Director of Security

^Lift gave us a really reasonable rate based on the number of people, the amount of time spent, and the number of weeks that they'd be poking at stuff. They were extremely easy to work with, and very fast about getting stuff to us and verifying when it was fixed, and I felt like we definitely got more than our money's worth. A+, would recommend, will hire again.

Isaac Schlueter, Co-founder at npm, Inc

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