Here’s how we work:


We’ll work to understand your business security objectives, what data and services are critical to your success, and how they might be exploited by a malicious actor. You’re a unique organization with unique challenges.


This is where our experience meets what matters most to you. We’ll unleash our security team to shake out vulnerabilities. Every assessment is unique and we’ll adjust our methodology to ensure we deliver you real value, not a cookie cutter scan.


Our team takes the findings from the assessment and charts you a course for remediation. We’ll collaboratively discuss next steps that will provide you with a roadmap to incrementally improve your organization’s security.


Security is a journey, not a destination. Our goal is to continually help you increase your organization’s security hygiene, knowledge, and processes with actionable intelligence and proven advice.

We take a continuous security
approach in our services.

Our services are designed to continually
improve security from development to production.

Assessments & Penetration Tests

We provide security assessments and penetration tests for web and mobile applications, networks and Infrastructure, and IoT services and hardware.

Code & Pull Request Reviews

We can help you reduce the amount of time critical application vulnerabilities are in production through code reviews and ongoing reviews of pull requests.

Node Security Platform

Continuous security monitoring for your node apps. With nsp, security becomes part of your normal workflow, adding security checks right into your GitHub pull request flow.

Our team is trusted to secure tools you use every day.

GitHub has worked with Adam for a few years. Each engagement has produced results that show a deep understanding of both system and application security, going far beyond the web application tier. Boilerplate reports are put aside to provide us with clear vulnerability reports, with clean proof-of-concepts and steps to reproduce. Performing both blackbox and whitebox assessments, Adam & ^Lift Security has continued to provide consistent, high quality, results.

Shawn Davenport, Github Director of Security

^Lift gave us a really reasonable rate based on the number of people, the amount of time spent, and the number of weeks that they'd be poking at stuff. They were extremely easy to work with, and very fast about getting stuff to us and verifying when it was fixed, and I felt like we definitely got more than our money's worth. A+, would recommend, will hire again.

Isaac Schlueter, Co-founder at npm, Inc

And many others:

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